Introducing Enterprise Net Terms from Credit Key!  Net 30 now available for all business segments—from sole proprietors to enterprise brands. Learn more ➔
Introducing Enterprise Net Terms from Credit Key! Learn more ➔

Unlock Growth and Navigate Disruption

Customers buy more when they have instant access to capital and flexible payment options. Boost sales and decrease costs by simplifying the B2B purchasing process with Credit Key.

Adapt. Innovate. Thrive.

Explore key challenges and transformative trends that are shaping the future of distribution

In a landscape marked by inventory and labor shortages, workforce dynamics, technological transformations, and market complexities, distributors face unprecedented challenges. The key to not just survival, but thriving in this new era lies in innovative solutions that resonate with the needs of buyers, creating value beyond traditional relationships.

Reduce costs while increasing sales

Through partnering with top distributors across the country, we’ve found that customer acquisition and margin improvement do not have to be mutually exclusive. By providing customers with greater access to capital and flexible payment terms, you can reduce your costs while increasing sales.

Credit Key provides instant decisions to your customers for a line of credit up to $50K with net 30 terms and extended payment options up to 12 months. We assume 100% of the risk and pay your business within 48 hours.

Merchants who offer Credit Key to their customers have reported:


lift in conversion rate


lift in average order value


increase in order frequency

As the industry finds ways to improve the omnichannel purchasing experience and grow valuation, there is increased pressure on making it easier for the customer to buy. Deliver a seamless experience no matter where your customers shop:


Seamless in-cart experience.

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No IT resources required.

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Drive higher order sizes, quicker sales cycles, and more revenue.

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Net 30

No more waiting for in-house terms approvals.

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Join top distributors leading the way and trailblaze a future where your business not only survives but thrives in the face of industry challenges.