Introducing Enterprise Net Terms from Credit Key!  Net 30 now available for all business segments—from sole proprietors to enterprise brands. Learn more ➔
Introducing Enterprise Net Terms from Credit Key! Learn more ➔

Pay your invoices

with Credit Key Anywhere.

Have a business purchase you would like to pay over time? Submit your invoice by filling out the form.

*Valid on business purchases only with verified and approved vendors and subject to your approved Credit Key Trade Credit. If your merchant does not accept the 2.9% order processing fee, it will be added to the loan amount for your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What purchases can I finance through Credit Key Anywhere?

  • Supplies (Office, Cleaning, Medical, Beauty, etc.)
  • Marketing (Advertising, Website Design, Software, etc.)
  • Equipment (Restaurant, Medical, Electrical, Security, etc.)
  • Inventory (Wholesale Products)
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing (Raw Materials, Lumber, Hardware, Solar, etc.)
  • Office & Restaurant Furniture
  • Maintenance & Installation (Equipment Installation, Landscaping, Renovations)
  • Food Supplies & Ingredients (Spices, Nuts, Oils)
  • Tools & Electronics
  • Event Rentals

What purchases are not allowed to finance through Credit Key Anywhere?

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Business Coaching and Consulting Services
  • Cellphones, AirPods, iPads, and Tablets.
  • Cryptocurrencies, Foreign Exchange, Gift Cards
  • Debt Payments (Mortgages, Auto Loans, Student Loans, Credit Cards, etc.)
  • Gifts (For Customers, Employees, etc.)
  • Government Payments (Taxes, Business Licenses, etc.)
  • Legal and Medical Services
  • Lotteries, Gaming/Wagering, Casino
  • Money Services Businesses (Money orders, Wire Transfers, etc)
  • Non-Licensed Independent Contractors
  • Personal Expenses
  • Real Estate
  • Rent, Utilities, Payroll, and Insurance
  • Self-funding
  • Subscription Services or Recurring Bills
  • THC, THC Adjacent, and THC Paraphernalia
  • Travel Expenses (Flights, Rental Cars, Hotels, etc.)
  • Vehicles
  • Vape and CBD
  • Weapons and Ammunition

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Will I be automatically approved when I submit my invoice?

All Credit Key Anywhere submissions are first subject to review & approval by our Risk team

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